2017 April Social Justice Activities


Screenshot 2017-04-20 09.56.51

Sisters and Associates of Notre Dame de Namur spent a day reflecting on stories shared by Sr. Mary Ellen Howard, SND, and Notre Dame Associates Kai Marks and DeDe Waters-Masters. They shared their growth in understanding of the women and men in jail and prisons. Each entered into the ministry for different reasons and shared the process of vetting that occurs before one can even enter into the jail or prison. Each had a unique experience which has had a profound effect on their spirituality. The sisters and associates who participated in the day were moved and encouraged to open themselves to the women and men returning to communities from incarcerated life. The day was uplifting and gave us time to share and remember the struggles of not just the incarcerated, but their families as well as the families of the victims. The sisters and associates have planned these days to recall the many ministries Notre Dame has and is concerned about it in witnessing to peace and justice.

Screenshot 2017-04-20 10.01.26
Sister Mary Ellen Howard                sharing her story



April 8, 2017 Opportunity for Holy Names and Holy Family Associates to meet.  Info:  Associates Meet and Greet.docx

Check BACAR calendar for April Activities. Attached is the Holy Family Social Justice newsletter.  2017.4 Justice newsletter

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