Discussion Groups Move to Action on Current Issues

On September 8, 2018 25 Religious and Associates learned more about the crisis of those who are without a residence in the SF Bay Area. Fran Kearny, SNJM joined us by Zoom. We are grateful to Mary Becker, SNJM who helped arrange our gathering at Catholic Charities, Santee Campus.

Patrick O’Meara from Village House spoke about the 3 year projects that has assisted over 90 women.  Churches commit to one month of overnight housing, providing food, safety and community while sleeping in the church or church gathering spaces.

Screenshot 2018-09-12 16.37.41For more information go to Village House



Eugene from St. Lucy’s shared with us information about Safe Park that is hosted by St. Lucy’s parish.  It was established in 2016, their mission is to use the parking lot behind St. Lucy’s as a safe place where those who are homeless can park their cars overnight thus helping them to sleep without fear.  For more information click link above. nsider initiating a Safe Park in your parish.

Casa de Clara, the San Jose Catholic Worker, is involved in many projects to help those who are homeless. There is need for financial assistance for their Shower Program, donations of towels, underwear for women and men, soap and other toiletries.  Contact Andrew at the Catholic Worker House:Casa de Clara

Penny, Sinsinawa Dominican Associate explained how her parish has gotten involved in blessing bags. Once a month parishioners from St. Thomas of Canterbury come together and bag  items in a small zip lock bag to give to those who are homeless.  Parishioners pick them up after liturgy and hand them out to people they encounter on the street who have no permanent residence.

The meeting was a real success.  But one of the projects discussed, Hope Village is now  facing some challenges.  The Hope Village founders are trying to get permission to set up a permanent tent encampment, but cannot get a commitment from city or county officials to set that up.  Prayers and advocacy are needed for this venture. If you live in San Jose write, call, visit your council person.  If you live in the country, write, call, or visit your county supervisor.  Here is a video explaining Hope Village

Following are pictures of those attending the BACAR Discussion and Engagement Group on the issue of Homelessness.

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Many of those who attended this gathering supported Hope Village the following Wednesday as they demonstrated in support of Hope Village when they were asked to move by the California Highway Patrol.  Good news the CHP is working with officials to find a permanent residence for Hope Village.




Click Here for the calendar on this site of upcoming events.

BACAR Expands Dialogue on “Let the Call Be Heard” by Kathy Noether, Associate of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur,  Co-director of BACAR Board

In the latest issue of The Associate, Conni Dubick reminded us of Joan Chittester’s inspirational words when she spoke at the 2002 NACAR Conference. Joan continued earlier this year at the Fourth International Oblate Congress expanding the theme for all Oblates throughout the world in an almost parallel address. Inspired by the reading of these two presentations, BACARused Joan Chittester’s address for our Quarterly Discussion Group on May 19, 2018 incorporating the same title and including a link to the Joan Chittester’s address: “Let the Call Be Heard”.

In October Mary Waskowiak, RSM, spoke about “Connections: Ever Ancient / Ever New / Always Calling” at the BACAR Conference. This seemed a perfect segway for the May Discussion Group. Planning the day, a smaller team formulated a plan inviting responses to Joan’s address. We knew there was a wealth of material to cover, so outlined the four questions with team members each taking a question for reflection and discussion.

The time spent in reflection and discussion was rich and reminded of us our deep commitment to the individual charisms embedded in each of our congregations. It is also true that this affirmation inspires each of us to continue the Call with renewed energy and focus, particularly as we share compassionate goals.

Click here to read Excerpt from Joan Chittister


On Saturday, January 13, 2018 in the Adobe Wells Home Park Clubhouse in Sunnyvale, Associates and Vowed Members gathered to hear Marilyn Wilson, BVM share re reflections on  “Women In the Church: Past, Present & Future”  As an example of present day Women in the Church, Penny Donovan, Sinsinawa Associate, shared her spiritual journey and where it has led her.  

This is Part 1 of the video: Women in the Church:Past, Present & Future

Following are pictures of the event.  

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