Join us Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 10 AM for our next Forum. If you would like to participate please read the articles or view the videos below. If you have not received the BACAR newsletter to register Click Here.

August Forum: An Opportunity to pray, reflect, have a conversation, and share options about how to work for Justice and Solidarity.

•       Racism is a fundamental act against solidarity; against the common good.  What is your reaction to this statement? Why don’t we embrace people as they are?

•       What should we expect from ourselves and our leaders within our faith community?

•       How do we address a person with opposite views from us without bringing up the walls? Can we seek first to understand?

LISTEN & BE HEARD A Conversation on Racism & Solidarity Click Here

Racism is an offense against solidarity, the fundamental social virtue. How then, are we to adequately respond to the evil of racism in our society? Solidarity is key!

Our presenters shared stories and insights that led to fruitful discussion on what how we can effectively foster solidarity in our communities and in our nation.

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