BACAR Conference — October 21, 2017

BACAR, Inc. Presents Mary Waskowiak, RSM                                                         October 21, 2017 – 8:30AM – 4PM                                                              Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline Dr. Burlingame

Mary’s Presentation entitled: Connections: Ever Ancient / Ever New / Always Calling          Sister Mary Waskowiak shares her passion for leadership development and spirituality at Mercy Center, where she served as Director in the late 1980’s. She enjoys locating these disciplines at the “intersection” of formation in life and Spirit and at the “intersection” of coaching and spiritual direction.

Mary’s background includes sixteen years in elected leadership with the Sisters of Mercy. During that time she also served a three-year term in the Presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

She has visited more than 25 countries and served as presenter and facilitator in 12 countries. Mary speaks English and Spanish.

Registration Information contact Kathy Noether

To register in advance for the Conference there is a suggested donation of $65
For on-site registration there is a suggested donation of $70
Donations for the Conference are tax deductible.  EIN#46-4631499
Attendees may choose to bring their own lunch.    
If you wish to purchase lunch the cost is $10
Box Lunch orders must be placed prior to the date of the Conference at the time of registration.   
No box lunch orders will be taken if you register on the day of the Conference.
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Please return with Registration Form with your donation by September 20th to:

BACAR, Inc. Registrar – Kathy Noether, 4246 Meg Dr., San Jose, CA 95136



Previous Discussion Groups

May 20, 2017 — 9 AM — Noon   At  Notre Dame Province Center:                                                      1520 Ralston Avenue          To Join Via Zoom Click Here 

 Theme:    “Associate Call: Alive Today”  Theme and discussion: Spirituality, Mutuality, and Charism                                                                                                                                                  Facilitators:  Kathy Noether, SND Associate,           Marilee Hearn, RSCJ Associate and Yvonne Bondi, SND                          Click Here for     Handouts for Saturday


 9 AM — Noon  January 14, 2017 

BACAR, Inc.Bay Area Conference of Associates and Religious, Inc. Discussion Group Saturday January 14, 2017 Theme: “Associate Call: Alive Today” …a follow up to the BACAR Conference on October 1, 2016
emphasizing discussion on the CARA Study:

In spring 2015 the North American Conference of Associates and Religious (NACAR) commissioned the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) to update and extend a study CARA conducted in 2000 of the associate relationship in religious institutes in the United States and Canada. The project was designed by CARA in collaboration with NACAR and consisted of a survey for leadership of associates in religious institutes and a survey of the associates and vowed members of those institutes.

Kathy Noether, Co-director BACAR
 9:00 am – noon

Dolores, Jean, Enrique

Discussion Group Saturday   May 21, 2016  Reflections on Ministry in the Year of Mercy”  Facilitators:                                            

Sister Jean Evans, RSM and her work in Africa

BACAR Board Members:                               Enrique Mireles, Associate RSM and his ministry in education and social justice           Dolores Nice, Associate RSM on her ministry to the incarcerated. 

  8:45 coffee and snacks… free will offering  9:00 am – noon  Discussion                                                       … Location:  MERCY CENTER BURLINGAME:  The Acacia Room                               2300 Adeline Drive Burlingame, CA 94010

Bay Area Conference of Associates and Religious, Inc.  Saturday – March 19, 2016                                    9 AM — Noon  Notre Dame Province Center, Belmont  Maureen Hilliard, SND will facilitate the morning   For more information click on link    03 19 2016 BACAR

St. Albert’s Palo Alto — Marilyn Wilson, BVM Facilitator

IMG_1032SND Associates

May 16, 2015 Discussion Group on Nonviolence. Facilitated by Elizabeth Avalos, BVM

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Saturday, May 16, 2015 the BACAR Quarterly Discussion will be held at Holy Spirit Chapel in Campbell, CA from 9 AM to Noon.  The topic is non-violence, facilitated by Elizabeth Avalos, BVM
On Saturday, March 21, 2015 BACAR held its quarterly discussion at Mercy Center. The morning was a Lenten reflection facilitated by Mercy Associate Dolores Nice.  For more information go to BACAR Post
On Saturday November 1,  2014 the BACAR Discussion Group met at the Sisters of the Holy Family Motherhouse in Fremont, CA  159 Washington Blvd.  They discussed the October BACAR Conference. Note from Conni Dubick, Associate, Dominicans of Peace, Director of Associates of Dominicans of Peace and President of NACAR

Below is a letter that Conni Dubick, Associate of the Dominicans of Peace, Coordinator of Associates of the OP of Peace, and President of NACAR sent to those who attended the Conference.

Dear BACAR Members, As I sat in the San Jose airport and began my journey home, I was contemplating this weekend experience with my brand new BACAR friends as we listened to the insights and scholarship of Theresa Ladrigan-Whepley. It was a spacious, contemplative, and imaginative few days and I felt that I must write and share some thoughts with you for several reasons.

First, I say it was a spacious weekend because with the mountains in the distance, the depths of the nearby ocean, and the rich ethnicity of people in the Bay area it was invigorating to me. This nature-presence of God in flowers, jade plants, the never-ending night sky and the microcosm of the world in all the human faces in the Bay area took me far beyond my Akron OH home.

Second, I am contemplative because the words, research and thoughtful premises of Theresa gave me a new way to reflect on both my understanding and my responsibility to the Dominican charism.

And, finally, I say imaginative because there is a “religious imagination” evident in the idea exchange among BACAR members, Associates and Sisters, who communicated their deep desire to move forward in their “particular, communal and total charism”. Theresa used those concepts and I think we are just beginning to think about their meaning in our lives.

No doubt, the total learning of the weekend will unfold in the coming weeks as I continue my interaction with BVM Associate Nancy McCarville, Co-cordinator of the BVM Associates, whom I met that weekend and the BACAR Board.

I also intend to share with the NACAR Board, the deep Associate commitment that I heard in your words. And, fortunately, the NACAR magazine and website will be available for all of us to continue our conversation on “traditioning our charisms: living our call”. Please do read Theresa’s powerpoint and your notes, then reflect on the ideas and respond to me directly ( or Sr. Elizabeth ( We want to share your comments and insights with the NACAR membership. (And, remember what I said, for far less than the cost of one Philz coffee or Peets coffee a week, you can support NACAR yourself with a $60 individual membership which is added to the Congregational memberships which sustain our services!).  See

So, I conclude my thoughts with a thank you to everyone present who shared with me directly and with the folks at the gathering. You, as Associates and Sisters, are the essential witnesses to your congregational charism and simultaneously you are the essential “edgewalkers” (people who walk between worlds… build bridges ….link different paradigms…..) giving contemporary depth and imaginative visioning to your charismatic gift.  For all of these reasons, I look forward to a long and deep BACAR and NACAR embrace.

Peace, Conni Dubick, Co-Director-Dominican Sisters of Peace, Sisters & Associates in Mission/President, NACAR

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