Human Trafficking Resources & Possible Action Endeavors

Broad-Billed Hummingbird (Male), Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Canyon, Near Green Valley, Arizona
The Hummingbird ProjecHuman Trafficking is an issue that not only religious institutes, their members, and associates have taken as a crucial human rights issue, but high school students have become deeply engaged in bringing awareness to Human Trafficking.
Mikaela Fenton and Caroline Chmielewski-Anders are seniors at Notre Dame High School in San Jose. Following in the tradition of the Notre Dame Sisters and their emphasis on social justice these two young adults have produced a remarkable set of videos on human trafficking known as The Hummingbird Project: Human Trafficking.
They have a website with an introduction to their project  The Hummingbird project and view all of the videos on the Youtube channel
Please view and share it with others.  it is their hope that people will watch these videos and become more aware of the world around them.




Power Point on Human Trafficking in English

Power Point — Human Trafficking in Spanish

RESOURCE PAGE Catholic Network To End Traffickiing

Gathering of Religious and Associates at Presentation Center in Los Gatos for an event on Anti-Trafficking  sponsored by the Dioceses of San Jose and Monterey.  Carissa Phelps shared her experience as a survivor of Human Trafficking.  Attendees felt inspired and desirous of taking some action.


Corporate Stance of Religious institutes on Human Trafficking

Screenshot 2015-06-22 16.42.38

As we, The Sisters of the Holy Family observe the Day for the Abolition of Slavery we are reminded of our focus to address human trafficking and the many ways we have raised awareness and funds. During the last fiscal year we raised $14,000 which was matched by the community. We were able to give $28,000 in grants to agencies working with victims/survivors of human trafficking. In line with our charism we considered unmet or under-served needs and prevention:

Screenshot 2015-05-14 14.54.16

We the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas,
denounce all forms of human trafficking within the United States and the international community.
Having listened deeply to the God who speaks in each of us,
• we commit the gift of ourselves to educate about the root causes, consequences and magnitude of human slavery in our world today.
• we will advocate for policies and programs that address the prevention of the trafficking of children, women and men.
• we will minister to survivors freed from any form of modern day slavery.
• we will use our influence as consumers and investors to promote a just society that eliminates the incentives for human trafficking and modern day slavery.
• we will collaborate with others who are also engaged in the struggle of combating trafficking, and share our gifts of prayer, resources, advocacy and education with them.


That the Sisters of Charity, BVM, in accordance with our mission and core values of freedom, education, charity and justice, oppose the trafficking of human per- sons for any purpose whatsoever.
We stand in solidarity with all who work to eliminate this tragic evil. We pledge ourselves as a congregation to these actions:

  • Through prayer and study, we will educate ourselves and others regarding the magnitude, causes and consequences of human trafficking.

  • Through collaboration with others, we will work for changes in society on both the state and federal level by supporting anti-trafficking legislation that protects the rights of all human beings and helps to provide resources for their healing as survivors of trafficking.

  • We will participate in highlighting issues related to trafficking and all forms of sexual and labor exploitation, especially prior to political, cultural and athletic events. (2014)

logoWe the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur of the California Province corporately stand in support of human rights and the dignity of each person. We, therefore, oppose the trafficking of all persons especially women and children for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor.

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