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Responding to the Cry of the Poor – Water February 9, 2022.

Remembering what Paul said that, “All things were created by him and for him” (Col.1:16), invited us to pause and look forward to what God’s Creation means to us, how we are keeping this Creation legacy, and trust for its continuance for future generations.

The theme for this event continued with Responding to the Cry of the Poor with an emphasis on the access of water necessary for all God’s creation. In Laudato Si, Pope Francis cautions us, “Access to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right in which we have a grave social debt towards the poor who lack access to drinking water, because they are denied the right to a life consistent with their inalienable dignity” LS 30.

Wednesday, September 1st @ 4:00pm Pacific Time
(please note change of time)

Women of Hebrew Scripture: Crucial Moments that Change the Community’s Destiny

This engaging presentation with Sr. Eloise Rosenblatt, RSM, a Sister of Mercy, a Ph.D. theologian and an attorney in private practice was well received by all. The presentation and discussion turned to three women in Hebrew Scripture – Abigail, Susanna and Judith – whose stories embody the vulnerability and power of women who change the destiny of their faith community. A spirituality needed for church and society now.
Suggested readings for preparation of this event were:

1 Samuel 25
Daniel 13
Judith 13-15

On February 3, 2021 BACAR gathered together over 30 participants to join in Contemplation, Prayer, and Sharing. To DownLoad Power Point Hover Cursor Here > CLICK HERE

During these past months BACAR members and friends have connected virtually by using Zoom and sharing YouTube presentations. This has given members and friends an opportunity for prayer, discussion, conversation, and forming Christogenesis Groups.

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