Gathering of the SNJM Associates

Pre=Associate Retreat Hosted in Campbell                                                                                at the Holy Spirit Chapel on June 3, 2018

A “Come and See” pre-Associate retreat attracted 18 people to the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Sisters of the Holy Names in Campbell, CA. The participants were from the Santee neighborhood of San Jose, CA where the Holy Names Sisters have ministered for nearly 25 years.  The retreat facilitators were Miriam Daniel Fahey, SNJM (SouthBay), Cecilia Calva, SNJM (San Francisco) Elizabeth Avalos, BVM and Mary Becker, SNJM (Saratoga), who said that the participants’ deep spirituality was truly edifying.

Screenshot 2018-06-22 11.31.13
Come and See Participants



2017 SNJM Associate Sponsored Retreat and Associate Commitment Ceremony

Villa Maria del Mar, Santa Cruz, CA November 3-5, 2017         Many celebrations took place at the Villa Maria del Mar in Santa Cruz, California for Sisters and Associates this past weekend. The annual Associate Sponsored Retreat was held November 3rd through 5th. We had a full house. The topic was Living With Paule-Hermine, Our First Associate. Sue Woodruff, SNJM was our presenter. Sister Sue is a historian for our SNJM community. She is a brilliant presenter and we hung on her every word. On November 4th we received two new Associates, Mary Barber and Mary Jane McGranahan. Mary was presented by her companion Associate, Stephanie Friedrich. Mary Jane was presented by her companion Sister, Mimi Maloney, SNJM. Mary and Mary Jane’s families and friends joined us in celebrating our reception of these wonderful women. We are blessed and our tent is widening.

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By BACAR, Inc.

A conference of Associates, Religious and Friends of the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey, Stockton, and Sacramento

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