BACAR Forum Facilitators Report June, May, April

BACAR has held 3 Virtual Forums during these past months. The over riding topic has been the present Covid-19 how it is affecting our lives what is our response to the situation. Our next Zoom Forum will be Wednesday, August 5, 2020. The topic has yet to be determined. Return to this site for more information.

We are grateful to BACAR facilitators and process deveopers for sharing their skills to make these forums a reality. Kathy Noether and Judy Borland developed the process. Facilitators for one or more of the forums: Carmela Huser, Marilee Hearn, Dolores Nice, Rose Lue, Judlie Merrill, Rosemary Everett, SNJM, Kathi Goodman, Mary Becker, SNJM, Stephanie Friedrich, and Constance Dubick

To Access reports from the Zoom conversations

Zoom Participants at May Forum


Questions Posed to the Groups in Breakout Rooms

1. Do you have particular concerns about the time we are facing? What are concerns you have faced over the past few weeks and looking forward?

2a. What is Eucharist/Communion/Spiritual Nourishment for you now?

2b. What touched you in the ‘Letter to God’ from Ilia Delio?


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A conference of Associates and Religious of the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey, Stockton, and Sacramento

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