NACAR Information

NACAR has decided to disbanded as of mid 2021, but their website is still open to valuable information for associates, religious, and friends.

The North American Conference of Associates and Religious (NACAR) is a national forum for Associates and religious. It fosters the growth and development of associate communities as a way to further the mission of the Gospel. NACAR presents workshops and conferences to assist in educating associates and religious about association and empowers associate leadership.

In collaboration with BACAR on October 1, 2017 NACAR hosted a conference at Santa Clara University

Dynamic interaction was abundantly present at Santa Clara University, CA, Saturday, October 1, 2016,  where Sisters and Associates from over 16 communities who came from San Diego, Seattle, Lake Tahoe, Phoenix, Las Vegas and the immediate San Francisco Bay Area gathered to celebrate NACAR and BACAR’s 20th Anniversary. Through a joint partnership with NACAR, BACAR, and SCU the day was made possible through the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, SCU.

NACAR Office Administrator Mary Jo Mersmann presented an informative briefing and discussion of the new CARA Study.

Kathy Wade, Mercy Associate was the keynote speaker. She led the group in exercises of contemplative dialogue. Here we explored and shared personal facets of our own charisms, stories, and dreams for today and the future. We enjoyed tears of laughter, movements of dance, and comments of happiness confirming the day had been Spirit-filled, enriching, and energizing!

Follow up BACAR Discussion Groups will continue the message of our associate-religious relationship, connection, our Charism, and Associate Leadership.                                        Submitted by Kathy Noether Associate of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur; Co-director of BACAR 

14_Mar15_NACAR_041New Officers werel elected at the last NACAR Board meeting that was held the week of March in Chicago.  Left to Right: Associates: Cathy Duffy, Treasurer, Conni Dubick, President, Kathy Herrington, Secretary, and Jeanne Connolly, Vice President.

This was an historic election.  All Officers of the Board are Associates and they represent various areas of the country.


In June of 2012 BACAR Core Committee members: Kathy Herrington, Kathy Noether, and Judy Borland attended the NACAR Conference in Chicago.

There was a NACAR workshop in Burlingame February 15-17 on Developing  Dynamic Teams, Boards and Committees, led by Marci Madary and Tim O’Brien.  Kathy Herrington as a member of the NACAR publicized the October 6, 2012 event on the NACAR website.

Find out if your community is a member of NCAR.  If not, ask your Leadership to join NACAR, 5 members can be listed for free. If you wish an individual membership it is $60.

At March Board Meeting: Connie Dubinick, NACAR Board member — SKYPING Laura Rowe, NACAR magazine editor.


Kathy Herrington on right at NACAR Board Meeting


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