Pictures of Associate Activities

Many Religious Congregations and their Associates have studied, prayed and reflected on the Pledge of Nonviolence.  The BVMs as others have a corporate stance on nonviolence and encourage Associates and Religious to ritualize their taking the pledge and being affirmed by others. On April 30, 2017 in Sunnyvale, CA, Associates: Carmella, Susan, Carol, Barbara, Kay, Valerie, and by Zoom: Marilyn, and Linda, and BVMs Dee, Marilyn, Bette, and Elizabeth took the pledge of nonviolence during a prayer and discussion on nonviolence living.

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The Biennial Conference for CARMA, Conference of Associates and Religious of the Midwest Area, was held in Dubuque, Iowa on Saturday April 20, 2017. Over 180 Associates and Religious attended the event.

Here are pictures of BVM Associates and Religious, of the Conference, and of the CARMA Team that organized the Conference.

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On Saturday March 18, 2017 the Quarterly BACAR Discussion Group met to reflect and discuss Leadership possibilities in their Associate Family. Holy Names, Notre Dame, Holy Family, BVM, RSCJ, and Dominicans of Peace Associates attended the gathering.  The Zoom group included, Conni, a Dominican of Peace Associate from Ohio, Lori, a BVM Associate and Director of Life and Mission for the BVMs from Iowa, and Nancy, a Holy Family Associate from Utah. It was a great gathering of folk.

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The Sisters of Notre Dame DeNamur have a video
of the 2017 January 21, March. Click on picture below


The Women’s March in San Jose gathered Associates,Sisters, Families, Friends, and other Advocates for Women’s Issues.

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Associates, Sisters, and Friends gathered at the Holy Names Chapel in Campbell for a Day of Recollection on December 31, 2016
On Saturday January 14, 2017 Associates Gathered at the Sisters of the Holy Family Motherhouse to begin the discussion of the Leadership Structure of Associate Communities and Sustainability of Associates. Next meeting is March 18, 2017 at the Sisters of the Holy Names in Campbell, California. Check calendar for details.
Associates and Sisters celebrate the commitment of BVM Associates at Holy Redeemer Church in Montrose, CA

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