Is Resistance a Gospel Mandate?

Nancy, Michelle, Carol, Conni, Lori

South Bay BVM Associate Gathering. We are meeting in person and via Zoom on May 15, 2017 at 10:30 AM.  If you wish to join by Zoom on Manday Click Here      We will be discussing Thomas Plante’s article on Resistance.                                                              
If you would like the written materials or have problems getting on Zoom email  Elizabeth


The Leadership Conference of Women Religious recently published an article on resistance. “Resistance as a response to injus- tice and social sin has received a surprising signal boost in 2017. From protests against police brutal- ity and executive orders, to creative displays at marches for women’s rights or climate justice, or even as
a trending hashtag on social media, resistance is suddenly on the radar of the body politic.” To read full article LCWR_rta4-17

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